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What is an Ultimate Game Card?

Ultimate Game Cards or UGCs are a special all-in-one gift card. Almost every single online game that you can think of will accept a UGC in place of a credit card or company gift card. This means that without a credit card, without a paypal account, and without buying a company card you can still get cash shop items or memberships in your favorite online game.

    Step 1: Sign Up

    Either click on the banner below or alternatively click the following link to sign up for this website. There is no obligation and all you need for your initial sign up is a working e-mail address. That's it. In fact, it doesn't even have to be your main e-mail address (actually I recommend to you that it isn't). This website isn't going to spam you but it will send notices and alerts. While these are somewhat important you may not want them cluttering up your e-mail address. Plus it's easier to find it when they send you the code!

    Sign Up Here

    Once you've signed up for the site, browse around and get a feel for the place. Make sure you thoroughly read the rules and regulations, especially the one regarding only ONE account per household. This is to prevent people ripping off the site or scamming the advertisers paying for the site. 

    When you feel comfortable, continue to full registration.

    Step 2: Complete Offers

    Don't worry I'm not sending you on a wild ride with a bunch of boring offers. There are all kinds of offers on this site. You can watch videos, play games, and even test out software. More importantly the opinions you give on this site actually matter.

    After completing a survey on a Subway commercial cooperatively advertising Subway's Avocado sub and the Green Lantern movie I wrote a long explanation on why they should cut the commercial down at certain points. Let's put it this way, what was aired on your television ended up following my advice. 

    I didn't sleep for about a week afterward because I didn't expect that my survey results would actually do anything. This bit is here so that when you start noticing your survey results having an impact on the products around you, you don't break down too. Then again I'm me.

    Step 3: Get Your Free Ultimate Game Card Code!

    And the moment you've been waiting for. Just head over to the rewards section and turn in your points for your Ultimate Game Card! It will be send via e-mail to you within 1 day, or so they claim. Truth be told it's actually earlier, I tend to get mine within a couple hours or so if it's a weekday. 

    There's no catch either, you can keep doing offers, keep getting codes, and keep getting rewards in your favorite online game. No limits, no fees, and no problems. The only thing you'll have to worry about on this site is when people spam the chat box instead of asking for advice. In which case you can use some of the extra points you get to purchase a katana...and I'm legally obligated to not describe the rest.

    So once again you can click the banner I posted up earlier or you can sign up here:

    Sign Up and Earn Your Free Ultimate Game Cards